Reframe Evaluation
Reframe Evaluation
Overview of Services
Foundations/Starter Package
For leaders in small organizations looking to design and implement an evaluation.
I’ll help you create a plan, gather your data, build your systems, and learn from the process. I help you communicate your impact through evaluation reports and facilitate workshops to promote learning and the continuous use of data. This is one stop evaluation shopping for organizations looking to build a strong foundation.

Evaluation Coaching

For leaders seeking strategic guidance and support to refine, deepen, and strengthen your evaluation practice.

A series of collaborative 1:1 work sessions designed to create a container for your evaluation practice. Your goals set our direction. I’ll help you identify the areas you want to target and support your growth by answering questions, providing guidance, and asking you to reflect on your work.

Customized Research

Have an idea that you think might be evaluation? Let’s dream together!
I can help you design a data project that draws from a range of methods to get you information that answers a question. Needs assessments, landscape analyses, or guidance to inform design – no project too big or small.