Reframe Evaluation
Reframe Evaluation

Create Your Own Project

Create Your Own Project

:: Discover New Ways to Use Evaluation ::

Maybe you’re looking to design a new program or initiative and want to know what would be most helpful to your community.

Perhaps you want help gathering feedback from your key audiences about a particular issue.

Or maybe there’s a historical matter you’ve always wondered about.

No matter the topic, you have a specific question you’re seeking information about.

Yet, no matter how interested you are, you know you can’t carry it out alone. You know this project needs more intensive time and expertise in order to happen.

With twenty years of experience in research and evaluation across sectors and settings, I’ll work with you to design and implement a project that uses data to develop learning agendas, inform strategies, deepen insights related to innovation, and more. You’ll have a custom project that draws from a range of methods and across disciplines to use evaluation as a process of discovery and learning.

:: Dedicated Time For a Process of Learning ::
:: Dedicated Time For a Process
of Learning ::

Evaluation can take many shapes and forms. These projects are focused collaborations to help you rethink how evaluation can serve your community. Working together, I can help you design and implement an individualized project that uses data to help guide a process of reflection, learning, and growth.

Topics can vary from the arts to education to climate justice. Projects can be oriented toward planning, focused on the present, or historical in nature. Examples might include documentation of an organization’s history and development, assessment of community needs and resources, collective storytelling to commemorate or celebrate a milestone, or a campaign to raise awareness about a topic or issue. But really the sky’s the limit.

Drawing from a range of methods, I’ll provide an assortment of research services, tailored to the project, that can include activities such as drafting communications, creating surveys and other ways to collect information, conducting interviews, focus groups, and observations, and analyzing all sorts of data.

Throughout the process, I will serve as your thought partner and facilitative guide, helping you think about and reflect on what you’re learning from the data. Together, we’ll design plans to share results and communicate about the project to all key people involved.

Who This is For

Create Your Own Project is for people and groups who are interested in exploring the possibilities that evaluation can offer as a process of discovery and learning.

It could be useful if you are:


You will have the dedicated time and resources you need to carry out an evaluation project of your own design.
You will also be able to:

What You Can Expect

Each project is customized to include a blend of research services, collaborative work sessions, and facilitation specifically crafted to address your questions and meet your goals.

Projects can include some or all of the following:
Ready to Create Your Own Evaluation Project?

I’d love to hear more about you and your ideas!

I will work with you to develop a specific package that meets your needs and considers factors such as your organization’s size, staffing, and budget, among other things.

Or, learn more about me and my approach first.

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