Reframe Evaluation
Reframe Evaluation

Strengthen Your Practice

Strengthen Your Practice

:: Enhance and Deepen Your Evaluation::

As a leader, you’re busy. You’re juggling a lot of competing priorities.

You wish you had more time to step back and think about how data could help you with your work. You know looking at evaluation would help you be more strategic in your leadership.

The thing is, it’s very challenging when there are deadlines and grant writing, and the program cycle happens so quickly.

It can be hard to slow down and focus on evaluation when it’s not always the most pressing.

The reality is, evaluation requires time to pause and look at how things are going from a different perspective. It’s not easy to do that. And, sometimes it helps to have a partner to help think it through.

With twenty years experience as a researcher, evaluator, and facilitator, I can help you make the space you need to think from a different perspective, engage with other possibilities, and plan for the future. You’ll be supported in your own growth so that you can be more strategic and intentional in your evaluation and leadership practice.

:: Focused Support in Key Areas of Evaluation ::
Evaluation is connected to many aspects of organizations and leadership. Although each area is essential, everyone brings a variety of strengths and needs. Creating a custom approach allows you to focus on the areas that are most important to you.
Strategy and Planning
Do you feel like your evaluation needs to be refined or revised?
Maybe you’ve been collecting the same data for a while. Or, maybe you need to look at your data for a new initiative you’re launching. Whether you’re updating your evaluation or imagining a new one, I can help you craft a plan, design methods, and select key metrics to show the impact of your work.
How does your data help you understand what you do?
Evaluation can offer important insights into how your programs are working and where they may need to change. Whether you’re creating a new program, expanding your reach, or looking back, I can provide guidance and support as you use data as a tool to look at your work through a critical lens.
Program Design and Development
Communications and Storytelling
How do you use data to tell the story of your work?
It’s important to have a plan to share your data with multiple audiences. I can help you leverage your evaluation to create content for your annual report, funding requests, and outreach materials. I will work with you to build data into your communications for Board members, partners, and other groups in your community.
How can you use evaluation in service of reflection and growth?
Sometimes, evaluation can feel like more work at first, especially to staff. I’ll help you look strategically at the information you’re already collecting, align your evaluation activities with program timelines, and embed evaluation into existing processes and systems as much as possible. I’ll work with you to foster a sense of collective learning with your team and craft a process that is accessible, welcoming, and inclusive.
Fostering a Learning Culture
Professional Support and Accountability
Feeling like evaluation is hard?
Managing an evaluation requires a specific set of leadership and communication skills. Sometimes it can feel lonely and isolating. I can support you with the challenges inherent in your work, asking questions and providing guidance to problem solve. I’ll help you find ways to recharge in your evaluation and leadership so you can be more strategic in your role.

Who This is For

Strengthen Your Evaluation is best suited for leaders in mission-driven organizations who are looking for guidance and support to enhance and deepen their evaluation practice.

It may be particularly useful if you:


You will have the space and support you need to focus on evaluation in your leadership so you can think about your work from a different perspective, engage with other possibilities, and plan for the future.
You will also:

What You Can Expect

Your goals set our direction. I’ll help you concentrate on a specific area of your evaluation practice, from strategy and planning, communications and story-telling, fostering a culture of learning, and more. Most importantly, I’ll support your growth by asking questions and holding space for you to reflect on your practice so that you can be more strategic and intentional.

Ready to Strengthen Your Evaluation Practice?

I’d love to hear more about you and your evaluation goals.

I will work with you to develop a specific package that meets your needs and considers factors such as your organization’s size, staffing, and budget, among other things.

Or, learn more about me and my approach first.

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